Would you rather stay at home than go into a health care facility or nursing home?

Triband Care Services will provide the following home health care programs at flexible schedules and cost-friendly service rates.

Next steps

What you can expect from the Triband process in order to provide you with a truly bespoke and high-quality care at home service.

  • Outline your needs – Our specialist team receives your enquiry. We will discuss your requirements and provide information on the services that we can offer you, as well as an outline of costs.
  • Assessor home visit – We will arrange for a Home Care Assessor to visit your home and undertake a care and risk assessment. Following this visit, a fully costed care package will be offered.
  • Finalise care package – We will finalise your care plan with you and your family and then identify the most suited care staff for you. We will also arrange for you to meet them to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Frequently asked questions

Does having home care result in a loss of independence?

No. Our belief is that independence is being in control of your decisions. Having in home care services means being in control of your activities and keeping as much independence as each situation allows. Our goal is to enable you the best possible outcome while being in control of your care and daily decisions.

How can I trust a caregiver in my home?

Just like nurses and doctors, Professional Caregivers have chosen a career in compassionate care of those in need. Triband implements a comprehensive background check and screening for compassion, identity, integrity, and competence.

How does Triband attract the best caregivers?

Our Golden Rule states ‘We will not refer a caregiver into your home that we would not welcome into our own home.’  Similar to any working professional, caregivers are attracted to organisations that have trust, compassion, stability, and hope.

What if we don’t like our caregiver?

Contact us and we’ll refer another caregiver quickly at no additional referral cost.

Will we have a choice in selecting the caregiver

Our CarePairing Process works with each family to understand what unique skills and personality are desired in a caregiver. Feedback from satisfied clients usually indicates that a personality match is the #1 factor in a caregiver match, so we highly encourage client input. We will then make a referral based on our experience and your input.